Our Residential Heating Services Will Keep Your Brockville Home Warm

Indoor heating is a necessity during winters. The last thing you want is to be stuck with a faulty heating system during winter. Avoid potential unpleasant situations with our residential heating solutions in Brockville and surrounding areas. At McCann Mechanical Inc, we have highly skilled technicians that can install, service and maintain a variety of heating systems.

We distribute heating products made by reputed brands that can provide you with your desired indoor comfort levels. You can rely on us for energy-efficient solutions that can give you great savings on your power bill. If you are looking to upgrade your existing heating system or are in the market for a new installation then give us a call

Our Heating Solutions 

We offer a variety of solutions to ensure that you get effective home heating. Browse some of the products we have on offer.

Honeywell Home Thermostats

We are proud to install Honeywell Home thermostats for our clients. Have a look at some of their products: 

Digital Round® Non-programmable Thermostat

The classic designed Round® Non-Programmable Thermostat offers single-stage, non-programmable temperature control for 24V systems and heat to cool changeover.

5-2-day Programmable Triac Line Volt Thermostat

Program Your Ductless Heat


5-2-Day Programmable TRIAC Line Volt Thermostats provide scheduling for electric baseboards, convectors, radiant ceilings (2-wire) and fan-forced heaters. You can set different heating schedules for weekdays and weekends to maximize your comfort — and savings.

T6 Pro Z-wave Thermostat

Energy-saving, Z-Wave Thermostat

The T6 Pro Z-Wave Thermostat provides a large, sleek touchscreen display and offers versatility and convenient comfort control. Compatible with Z-Wave controls. Power comes via 3 AA batteries or hardwired through a C-wire. Schedule thermostat or change temperature based on occupancy of the Z-Wave control to save on home energy costs.

You can visit their website for the entire product line and for more information about their thermostats. 

View Honeywell Home Products


We supply and install thermostats by Keeprite® and Armstrong Air®. Have a look at some of their products below:

Keeprite® Thermostats

Check out some select models of Keeprite® thermostats below. 

Ion™ System Control

SYST0101CW - Ion™ System Control 

Stay in touch with your comfort, wherever you are, with the smart, WI-FI® thermostat that provides complete system control from a convenient touchscreen display or using our mobile app. 

Programmable Thermostat with Humidity Control

TSTAT0408 - Programmable Thermostat with Humidity Control 

Get the convenience of 7-day programming with the comfort of humidity control and dual fuel management capability with this thermostat with easy-to-use functions. 

Programmable Thermostat

TSTAT0406 - Programmable Thermostat 

Simplicity is all-in-one with this thermostat that allows convenient control of home comfort with weekly programming and dual fuel management capability. 

For the entire product line and more detailed information about specific models, check out their website. 

View Keeprite® Thermostats

Armstrong Air® Thermostats

Have a look at the quality thermostat offered by Armstrong Air®: 

Comfort Sync® A3 Thermostat

Comfort Sync® A3 Thermostat

Enjoy sophisticated system management, unprecedented control and exceptional energy savings with a Comfort Sync® thermostat. It’s the best way to get the most out of every part of your Armstrong Air system.

Visit their website for more information about their thermostats. 

View Armstrong Air® Thermostats


We offer installation and distribution of furnaces manufactured by Keeprite® and Armstrong Air®. Browse some of their products below. 

Keeprite® Furnaces

Browse some of the furnace models available at Keeprite®. 

Ion™ 98 Variable-speed Modulating Gas Furnace

G97CMN - Ion™ 98 Variable-speed Modulating Gas Furnace

Our modulating gas furnace operates at lower stages a majority of the time to save energy and comes with a variable-speed blower motor to deliver ultimate comfort. Pair it with the Ion™ System Control for full functionality and a complete communicating system. 

Efficiency Rating Up to 98% AFUE


Operation Modulating Gas Valve Operation

Ion™ 80 Variable-speed Gas Furnace

G80CTL - Ion™ 80 Variable-speed Gas Furnace

Pair this efficient gas furnace with a compatible heat pump and thermostat for energy-saving dual fuel heating. It features two-stage operation and is compatible with the Ion™ System Control. 

Efficiency Rating Up to 80% AFUE


Operation Two-stage Operation

QuietComfort® 87 Low Boy Oil Furnace

OLV - QuietComfort® 87 Low Boy Oil Furnace

High efficiency and variable-speed operation provide enhanced temperature control and quiet performance. This oil furnace is designed for installation in light spaces and dual fuel compatible. 

Efficiency Rating Up to 87.5% AFUE

Check out the entire product range and browse technical specifications. 

View Keeprite® Gas Furnaces View Keeprite® Oil Furnaces

Armstrong Air® Furnaces 

Have a look at what the furnaces we have to offer from Armstrong Air®:

View of A97MV Gas Furnace

A97MV Gas Furnace


  • 97% AFUE Efficiency*

  • Modulating Heat

  • Pro Series™ Systems

  • Comfort Sync® A3 Enabled

  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

  • ENERGY STAR® Certified

View of A962V Gas Furnace

A962V Gas Furnace


  • 96% AFUE Efficiency*

  • Pro Series™ Systems

  • Two-Stage Heating

  • Comfort Sync® A3 Enabled

View of L85UFV Oil Furnace

L85UFV Oil Furnace


  • 85% AFUE Efficiency*

  • Variable Speed Fan Motor

Check out the entire product range and browse technical information. 

View Armstrong Air® Gas Furnaces View Armstrong Air® Oil Furnaces

High-efficiency Heat Pumps 

Explore some heat pump options for your home. 

Keeprite® Heat Pumps

See our range of Keeprite® heat pumps. 

Ion™ 18 Variable-speed Heat Pump

CVH8 - Ion™ 18 Variable-speed Heat Pump 

Experience the smooth, quiet superior comfort of our most advanced heat pump. This smart,variable-speed system matches the smallest changes in conditions to ensure comfort and savings. 


  • Cooling Efficiency Up to 19 SEER

  • Heating Efficiency Up to 11 HSPF

  • Sound As low as 56 decibels

Ion™ 16 Two-Stage Heat Pump

CCH6 - Ion™ 16 Two-Stage Heat Pump 

By operating mostly in low stage, this unit gives you efficient operation that’s quiet. Matched with an Ion System Control, you can enjoy dual fuel capability and the convenience of remote access. 


  • Cooling Efficiency Up to 17.5 SEER

  • Heating Efficiency Up to 9.5 HSPF

  • Sound As low as 68 decibels

Ion™ 16 Heat Pump

CSH6 - Ion™ 16 Heat Pump

This high-efficiency heat pump can be used with a fan coil or paired it with a compatible furnace and control for dual fuel heat savings. 


  • Cooling Efficiency Up to 16 SEER

  • Heating Efficiency Up to 9 HSPF

  • Sound As low as 68 decibels

Visit the link below to get more information about Keeprite® heat pumps. 

View Keeprite® Heat Pump

Armstrong Air® Heat Pumps 

Browse some of the products available.

Comfort Sync® Heat Pump



  • Up to 20.0 SEER Efficiency*

  • Up to 10.0 HSPF Efficiency

  • Comfort Sync® A3 Enabled

  • ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2022

Pro Series™ Systems Heat Pump



  • Up to 16.0 SEER Efficiency*

  • Up to 8.5 HSPF Efficiency

  • Pro Series™ Systems

  • Comfort Sync® A3 Enabled

Pro Series™ Systems Heat Pump



  • Up to 16.0 SEER Efficiency*

  • Up to 8.5 HSPF Efficiency

  • Pro Series™ Systems

  • Comfort Sync® A3 Enabled

Find the entire product line with more detailed descriptions. 

View Armstrong Air® Heat Pumps

Keeprite® Zoning Systems

We offer Keeprite® zoning systems for complete control over comfort. Check out some of the products below. 

Ion™ Zoning System

SYST0101ZP - Ion™ Zoning System

Separate control of multiple zones can significantly reduce hot and cold spots for more even, consistent comfort. Enjoy maximum efficiency with comfort precisely where and when you need it so you aren’t spending money heating or cooling unused rooms.

Smart Sensor for Ion™ Zoning System

SYSTXZNSMS01 - Smart Sensor for Ion™ Zoning System

Provides a temperature display on a full glass front color touch screen to adjust the desired temperature or fan speed from within the zone. Smart sensors also displays indoor/outdoor temperature and indoor humidity on the scrolling banner at the top of the control.

Visit the Keeprite® website for detailed descriptions and more product information. 

View Keeprite® Zoning Systems

Complete Home Comfort

We will ensure that your indoor areas are pleasant and comfortable using quality residential heating products. 

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