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Convenient Residential HVAC Services in Brockville

If you are looking to improve or upgrade your home’s HVAC system in Brockville and surrounding areas, then trust the team at McCann Mechanical Inc to get the job done. We offer a variety of residential HVAC services to help you maintain your home comfort levels. There are many reasons for keeping your HVAC systems well-maintained. The major ones are efficiency and safety.

Our technicians can provide regular maintenance and diagnostic services to ensure that your HVAC equipment is running at optimum efficiency levels. You can purchase top-quality home comfort products from several reputed brands that we are affiliated with. Call us if you need to install new HVAC equipment for your home. 

What Our Services Cover

We service, repair and install various types of HVAC systems by industry-leading brands. From heating and cooling systems to air purification devices, we can assist with all types of home comfort products. Some of the types of equipment we service include: 


  • Air conditioners

  • Furnaces

  • High-efficiency heat pumps

  • Heating and cooling systems

  • Thermostats

  • Multi-zone systems

  • UV air purifiers

  • Air handlers

  • Dehumidifiers

  • Air cleaners

  • Evaporator coils

  • Energy recovery ventilators

We Distribute Keeprite® HVAC Products

Keeprite® is an industry-leading brand offering top-quality HVAC products for residential applications. Here are some of the products that we offer: 

Heat Pumps

Keeprite® offers a choice between premium Ion™ Series heat pumps and value-for-money Performance Series heat pumps. Check out some of their offerings below. 

KeepRite Ion™ 18 Variable-speed Heat Pump

CVH8 - Ion™ 18 Variable-speed Heat Pump 

Experience the smooth, quiet superior comfort of our most advanced heat pump. This smart, variable-speed system matches the smallest changes in conditions to ensure comfort and savings. 

Cooling Efficiency Up to 19 SEER

Heating Efficiency Up to 11 HSPF 

Sound As low as 56 decibels

Ion™ 16 Two-stage Heat Pump

CCH6 - Ion™ 16 Two-stage Heat Pump

By operating mostly in low stage, this unit gives you efficient operation that's quiet. Matched with an Ion System Control, you can enjoy dual fuel capability and the convenience of remote access.

Cooling Efficiency Up to 17.5 SEER

Heating Efficiency Up to 9.5 HSPF 

Sound As low as 68 decibels

Ion™ 16 Heat Pump

CSH6 - Ion™ 16 Heat Pump 

This high-efficiency heat pump can be used with a fan coil or paired with a compatible furnace and control for dual fuel heat savings. 

Cooling Efficiency Up to 16.0 SEER

Heating Efficiency Up to 9 HSPF 

Sound As low as 68 decibels

Visit Keeprite® for the complete range of heat pumps available along with key features and warranty information. 

Ductless Systems 

Check out some of the Keeprite® ductless systems we distribute. 

Deluxe Series

Our most efficient and quiet ductless heat pumps. Flexible single and multi-zone compatible units with a variety of indoor unit styles available. Variable speed inverter compressor with up to 40.0 SEER ratings.

Deluxe Heat Pump

DLCPRA Deluxe Heat Pump

Industry leading heating and cooling capacity with quiet operation. 

Cooling Efficiency Up to 40 SEER

Heating Efficiency Up to 14.5 HSPF

Deluxe High Wall Indoor Unit

DLFPHA - Deluxe High Wall Indoor Unit 

Turn that hard to heat and cool area into a comfortable space and a welcome retreat. Our new energy-efficient, innovative, and stylish ultra-quiet high wall unit includes industry leading features like Follow Me and Occupancy Sensor. This new high wall unit is really quiet and beautifully designed to enhance the look of any space.

QuietComfort® Series 

Our dependable and efficient ductless air conditioners and heat pumps. Impressive efficiency ratings up to 24.7 SEER cooling and 11.0 HSPF heating.

QuietComfort® Heat Pump

DLCSRA - QuietComfort® Heat Pump

Efficient. Quiet. Cost-effective. This new heat pump checks all the boxes.

Cooling Efficiency Up to 24.7 SEER

Heating Efficiency Up to 11 HSPF

Check out Keeprite® for the complete range of ductless systems complete with key features and warranty information. We also provide quality HVAC systems from Armstrong Air®. Contact us to know more about them.

Hydronic Heating Services to Keep Your Indoors Warm

McCann Mechanical Inc has had the opportunity to work on several wet heat projects over the years. Hydronic heating is our passion. We have experience executing simple retro-fit jobs and more complicated and challenging hydronic installations on a large scale. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality has earned us a reputation as being a leading provider of hydronic heating solutions. We serve Brockville and surrounding areas. 

From years of working on hydronic installations of various sizes, we have gained valuable experience that has helped us develop our hydronic department. We provide hydronic and radiant designs that ensure the highest level of home comfort and efficiency. If you are looking to set up a hydronic heating system at your home or place of business, then call us.

We Supply Arcoaire® Products

We are proud to supply one of the industries leading hydronic heat pump models. Visit Arcoaire® for more information about their hydronic heating products, including key features and warranty details.

HW QuietComfort® 15 Hydronic Use Geothermal Heat Pump

Put your mind at ease with versatile, hydronic heating and cooling. Our model HW is the right choice for a wide variety of heated and chilled water applications. Two comfort stages mean consistent temperatures with fewer hot or cold spots. And, this system offers the option to provide hot water for your home as well.

Product Specifications


  • 3.0 to 3.2 COP Heating Efficiency (closed loop)

  • 3.4 to 3.8 COP Heating Efficiency (open loop)

  • 14.6 to 22.1 EER Cooling Efficiency (closed loop)

  • 18.8 to 25.7 EER Cooling Efficiency (open loop)

  • Two-stage scroll compressor

  • Fully insulated cabinet

  • Compressor sound blanket

  • Energy Star® rated in all sizes

Need Furnace Installation? 

Get ready for the winter with a brand new furnace that will keep your family warm. 

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