Preventive Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance Services in Brockville

Regular maintenance is a must for electrical equipment. It prevents potential costly malfunctions and helps improve the efficiency of the system. At McCann Mechanical Inc, we provide clients in Brockville and surrounding areas with regular preventive mechanical and electrical maintenance services. It’s hard to keep track of electrical equipment yourself so leave it to our technicians to thoroughly check your electrical systems for any issues. 

We serve both residential and commercial clients and offer 24-hour emergency services. Faulty equipment can cause you discomfort and can cost a business valuable time and money. Don’t leave things to chance. Give us a call and get a regular systems maintenance package today.

Residential Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance of your home’s electrical and HVAC systems will help keep unforeseen and potentially expensive malfunctions at bay. Our team runs a thorough diagnostic check and works on improvements wherever necessary. Some of the benefits of regular maintenance include: 


  • Increased efficiency of systems

  • Decreased energy consumption

  • Improved safety and stability

  • Improved property resale value

Commercial Maintenance Services

Sudden electrical malfunctions can cost a business dearly. Avoid potential downtime with our preventive maintenance services. Our experienced technicians will scope and collect detailed information on your existing systems and will service them regularly to reduce the chance of system failure. Our comprehensive commercial maintenance services cover: 


  • Electrical panels

  • Wiring, switches and plugs

  • Lighting fixtures

  • Thorough systems inspections

  • Hot tub installations

  • Smoke detectors

  • Surge protection

  • Energy efficiency upgrades

  • Electrical system upgrades

Commercial Services

Power issues can cause unwanted downtime and can hinder business operations. Trust us with the maintenance and upkeep of your commercial property’s electrical systems. Our electricians can carry out a variety of services, including:

  • Electrical work for renovations

  • Electrical work for new constructions

  • Electrical work for home additions

  • Electrical panel upgrades/replacement

  • Wiring and rewiring services

  • On-site inspections

  • Electrical repair work

  • Energy-efficient lighting installation

  • Switches, dimmers and receptacle upgrades

  • Installation of new fixtures

  • Installation of lighting fixtures

  • Light replacement services

  • Hot tub and pool pump attachments

  • Air conditioning services

  • Electrical heating services

  • Power equipment wiring and installation

  • Emergency lighting equipment wiring

Increase Property Value

Regular maintenance improves the safety of your property and will improve its resale value.

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