Indoor Air Quality Solutions in Brockville

The quality of your air is as important as the temperature of your air. Tighter homes and living spaces mean a higher chance of pollutants getting trapped in the air. This problem is compounded if indoor humidity levels are high. To combat these issues, McCann Mechanical Inc provides indoor air quality improvement products in Brockville and surrounding areas.

Air purifiers and filters help in removing these pollutants which can have a positive effect on the health of the occupants. Cleaner and well-circulated air results in happier occupants and more comfortable room temperatures. Contact us to improve your indoor air circulation today.

What We Offer

Here are a few of the devices we offer to help with your indoor air quality.


These devices help reduce dryness by adding some moisture into the air. 


Use these when you need to reduce the moisture levels in your indoor air.

Air purifiers

Air purifiers sanitize the air and remove particles such as allergens, toxins and pollutants. 

Air cleaners

Similar to an air purifier, an air cleaner helps reduce the presence of particles in the air.

Air filtration systems

An air filter prevents any particles and contaminants from entering your indoor space.

Air exchangers

Air exchangers work by circulating stale air out of your home while bringing in fresh air from inside. 

We Offer Lifebreath and Venmar Products 

Lifebreath and Venmar are industry leaders in manufacturing air quality devices for indoor use. 

Lifebreath HEPA Air Cleaning

These systems are revolutionizing air cleaning providing a 99.97% reduction of health-threatening particles from your indoor air. They are low maintenance, environmentally friendly and offer maximum heat transfer making them ideal for all climates.

Venmar Air Exchangers

Venmar air exchangers reduce humidity levels indoors. This helps get rid of pollutants trapped in the air in your home. These air exchangers are effective in removing a variety of contaminants including dust, cigarette smoke, bacteria, allergens, carbon dioxide, mould spores, aerosols and persistent odours from the bedroom, kitchen, garage and other areas in your home. 

Commercial Services

Power issues can cause unwanted downtime and can hinder business operations. Trust us with the maintenance and upkeep of your commercial property’s electrical systems. Our electricians can carry out a variety of services, including:

  • Electrical work for renovations

  • Electrical work for new constructions

  • Electrical work for home additions

  • Electrical panel upgrades/replacement

  • Wiring and rewiring services

  • On-site inspections

  • Electrical repair work

  • Energy-efficient lighting installation

  • Switches, dimmers and receptacle upgrades

  • Installation of new fixtures

  • Installation of lighting fixtures

  • Light replacement services

  • Hot tub and pool pump attachments

  • Air conditioning services

  • Electrical heating services

  • Power equipment wiring and installation

  • Emergency lighting equipment wiring

Reduce Indoor Humidity

Our air quality products will allow air to circulate freely and will reduce humidity levels. 

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